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Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant Add-on Certificate, C.G.

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32 Hours


Indianapolis: Aviation Technology Center

This curriculum prepares students for a career as an Aviation Maintenance Technician. Successful completion of the program and the required FAA exams leads the student to add-on a Powerplant Technician rating to an existing airframe technician rating.

Federal Regulations Requirement
This program is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The following are the federal regulations required by this program (147.21).

  1. An applicant for an aviation maintenance technician school certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, must have an approved curriculum that is designed to qualify the students to perform the duties of a mechanic for a particular rating or ratings.

  2. The curriculum must offer at least the following number of hours of instruction for the rating shown, and the instruction unit hour shall not be less than 50 minutes in length.

a)  Airframe - 1,150 hours (400 general plus 750 Airframe)
b)  Powerplant - 1,150 hours (400 general plus 750 Powerplant)
c)  Combined Airframe and Powerplant - 1,900 hours (400 general plus 750 Airframe and 750 Powerplant)

Note:  Students must satisfy the University’s minimal requirements through testing out of or completion of READ 011, ENGL 009, and MATH 010 or MATT 014, MATT 108, or MATT 109 with a grade of C or better.

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