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Liberal Arts - Economics Concentration, A.S. Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus


Turn on the television news or pick up a newspaper on any given day and you'll likely learn of the latest economic forecast. From politicians to corporate managers - and even to individuals deciding if the time is right to finance a new car or home - an understanding of economics is useful. That's why people trained in economics are valuable employees. If you are undecided about a career plan, economics provides a broad course of study that will complement just about any field you eventually choose. Careers in areas such as marketing, retail merchandising, business administration, or public relations, combined with a solid economics background, will give you a big advantage when you start looking for that all-important first job.

Career Outcomes

VU Economics faculty guide students to achieve academic and career goals by expanding learning opportunities beyond the classroom through:

  • Special speakers with real-world experiences
  • Small group experiential learning
  • Research projects

Occupational Outlook (Economists and Similar Occupations)