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Engineering Science - Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering Concentration, A.S. Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

Anything that is mechanical is within the scope of a mechanical engineer—anything from an in-flight walk aboard a space shuttle to a robot programmed to simulate human movement.

Mechanical engineers study the behavior of materials when forces are applied to them, such as the motion of solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the heating and cooling of objects and machines.  Using these basic building blocks, engineers design things like power plants, computers, air conditioners, and robots.  Aeronautical engineers apply these same ideas to the design of aircraft and propulsion systems.

What's Unique about this Degree:  The VU-Purdue Direct Admission Program guarantees admission for VU students who maintain a 3.7 GPA and earn their Associate Degree in Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering.  Find out more here.

The VU-University of Evansville Guaranteed Admission Program grants automatic admission for VU students who maintain a 2.5 GPA and earn their Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Find out more here.

Good to Know: Vincennes University offers the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or aeronautical engineering.  This program is designed to transfer to Purdue University, University of Evansville, IUPUI, & USI. 

Who is this degree for: Students who want to design robots, vehicles, aircraft, and believe the sky’s the limit!

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