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Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences - Geoscience Concentration A.S. Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

Geoscientists, in particular are spatial thinkers who tackle complex 3D problems. Environmental geologists are especially interested in the interaction of earth systems with humans, and protecting our natural resources, like forest ecosystems and/or wetlands, etc. Exploration and understanding Earth’s resources and complex systems is an important endeavor. Geologists discover and manage mineral and water resources, as well remediate contaminate issues in the field of Environmental Geology. Geographers focus on the “lay of the land”, i.e. the surface of the earth is studied via geospatial sciences, as well as weather, climate, culture, and the sociopolitical boundaries.

What’s unique about this degree: The Vincennes University Geology/Geography concentration prepares the next generation of spatial earth scientists to address critical issues that affect our planet. Students will learn by going outside into a wide variety of environments.

Good to know: Geologists are interested in current and past earth systems and processes; whereas Geographers study the surface of the earth and its relationship to people. As water resources, environmental pollution, energy and mineral resources, natural hazards, atmospheric sciences, and population grow in importance, so will the value of Geologists/Geographers.

Who is this degree for: This degree is for people with a strong curiosity to explore the outdoors and to gain a better understanding of Earth’s systems and resources. The two-year Natural Resource and Environmental Science major at Vincennes University has concentrations designed to transfer to Purdue University, as well as “2+2” programs with USI and ISU for the completion of the baccalaureate degree.

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